Pets of the Day: Meet Sara Jane and Shelby!

Sara Jane is at the shelter because unfortunately, after her family was made aware that she was here, they never came in to pick her up.  Sara Jane knows how to sit, wait and is potty trained. She loves everyone she meets but the shelter is really no place for a lady as distinguished as herself.  Check her sweet video out at  (ID: 35997750)
Shelby walks well on a leash and listens when being corrected.  She is calm, well mannered but is not too fond of other dogs when they try and interrupt her daily walk outside.  At just three years old she still has a big life ahead of her and deserves a loving family to take her in! (ID: 35748415)
If you’re interested in adopting one of these cuties contact the Humane Society of South Mississippi at 228-863-3354.


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