The 2018 HEART WALK is only 47 days away!

Join BOB 105.9 for the 2018 Gulf Coast Heart Walk! BOB’s celebrating 25 years of Heart Walks…so join our team for the walk in person (Jones Park 9am)…or simply pledge a donation in any amount to the BOB team! We only have 47 days to shatter our goal of $650 in donations…please share…get all the info on how to join our team or donate here



It’s the huge Used Import Super Sale at Butch Oustalet Mazda… Just two days away! Join BOB’s 2018 Gulf Coast Heart Walk Team… Join BOB’s team with the 2018 Heart Walk in eleven days… Join BOB’s team for the 2018 Heart Walk… Join BOB and Coca Cola live this afternoon at the Harrison County Fair… Join BOB’s team for the 2018 Heart Walk…